About Ronit

Ronit Prag Ben-Ami

To me, the essence of interior design is made out of people, and the way they live. The key to a perfect design lies within the customer's spirit, the nature of the space and by creating an attractive, cultural and meaningful environment. It is not a passing fad, or what's "hot" right now and what's not.

A place to call home is the fulfillment of my clients' design fantasies.
My goal is to help you fulfill a dream, a vision or passion, in the right, creative and unique way, to call your own.
I believe that interior design should match your tastes, needs and lifestyle. You dictate the design language and I – the way fulfill it, and a little more…
My first step begins by listening to you, your needs, your budget, and especially – your dream. To what home do you wish to return to at the end of each day, and what atmosphere do you want to experience in it?

I know your home, which I design, must serve you throughout your years. Therefore, in the planning process I will take under consideration expected changes in your lifestyle and your evolving family cell structure. To do this, I'll walk you through the entire process, from design, sketches, preparing work plans, through visits to showrooms, buying furniture, lighting fixtures and to the last details of a combination of art, textiles, and accessories.

"The details are not the details, they make the design"

During the design process I will always conscientiously stay within your budget, alongside uncompromising choice of the highest quality materials, most reliable suppliers and all according to our predefined schedule.

I am continually updated on leading international trends, attend design and art exhibitions locally and abroad, and draw endless inspiration for my work from random house visits and even an innocent walk in the street.

Whether designing a new home, or upgrading yours, I'm certain you'll win a professional and exciting design experience. Most importantly, have fun on the way, of the human process, from which I get excited every time, and of the realization of your dream, which will stay with you for long.